Got questions?  We’ve got answers.  And if you still have more questions, contact us!

What the heck is this?

It’s a business conference with skiing for small web-based businesses. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you might be interested too but the attendees tend to be more online-oriented.

Who is this for?

If you’re a prior MicroConf attendee and you like that vibe, we’re like a mini version of that but with skiing. We love to hang with founders who have products with revenue or productized consulting working towards something different. We love to exchange ideas with other active entrepreneurs and learn tricks that others have discovered. Most of us have online businesses. A lot of us are SaaS owners. If that sounds like you, this is probably a good fit. If you’re not sure,  and we’ll discuss!

Will I get my own bed and my own room?

Everyone will be guaranteed their own bed. Some rooms are single beds, some multiple beds, so some of us will share a room. Beds and rooms are assigned beforehand so it’s easy for everyone.

Can we arrange carpools from the airport or from elsewhere?

We definitely encourage this! The attendee’s list indicates where people are traveling from. Feel free to reach out to individuals or  to coordinate a ride share.  You can also use Epic Mountain Express, which is a reputable company traveling the I-70 corridor all the time (they even have WiFi on board!).

We’ll also be setting up a Slack group page for attendees to network and coordinate before and after the event.

Any special considerations for Beaver Creek?

If you’re coming from low altitude (basically anything lower than Denver), you probably want to give yourself extra time to acclimate before heading up to Beaver Creek (which is at 9,000 ft). It will literally take your breath away if you’re coming from sea level. We recommend drinking extra water, bringing sunscreen, lip balm, aspirin and taking it slow on the alcohol for the first day. Altitude sickness is common and no joke around here.

How can we meet and network before and after the trip?

We have a private Slack channel for all attendees. That’s where we can post intros and other messages before, during, and after the event. We’ll send you your invite once you’re registered.  Our Slack group tends to remain active all year after the conference.

What if I can’t make it at the last minute?

We’d be totally bummed. Our refund policy works like this: If you cancel anytime between now and the conference, as long as we find a replacement for your slot, you’ll get a refund. If you cancel at the last minute due to a flight cancellation, you’ll get a refund or a partial refund, as long as funds are available after the trip is over.

What kind of ski/snowboarding skills do I need?

We’re all at different levels and we all ride at our own pace. To our knowledge, there aren’t any complete beginners, but no Olympians here either 🙂  Beaver Creek has terrain for all levels. Most people are “blue” skiers or better.

Should I pack my own food?

Only if you want. We’ll be doing a large grocery run to stock the house with breakfast, snacks, drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). All of this included in your ticket price as is the pizza dinner on Monday night and the AMAZING catered dinners Tuesday/Wednesday nights. But if you want to bring your own stuff, you’re welcome to do so.  If you have food allergies, contact us so we know. We’ve handled vegan, gluten free and strict whiskey-only diets in past years with no problem.

Where can I rent equipment?

With crappy airline baggage fees and the sheer size of skis, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re just rather rent while you’re here. There are tons of places in the area–contact us and we’ll hook you up like a local with some of our favs.  Beaver Creek offers concierge ski rental services–where they come to the condo, do your boot fitting and equipment adjustment, all without having to put down your favorite beverage.  Those who have used it in the past liked it.

Is it awesome? Photos or it didn’t happen!

Yes, it is. Really. Photos as requested.


Got it, I’m ready to sign up!