Feb 4-7, 2019
at Beaver Creek, CO

A business conference with skiing?!

Count me in!

We're the sister conference of BigSnow TinyConf (East) and BigSnow TinyConf (Europe)

If you're closer to the East Coast, check them out here
Or if you're in Europe, try our other sister from another mother here.

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This was my favorite conference, ever. Most conferences are dimensional and while I always learn something from “presentations,” there is greater benefit when the lecture is two-way. Being able to ask questions, brainstorm together, and get feedback enriches the “talk” and the experience for everyone. I left this conference with new perspective, new ideas, honest insights (from other attendees), actions to take, and a lot of great advice.

I got to spend two days of high business value with a group of seasoned business owners even though I don’t have a web business of my own, with the love of skiing/snowboarding getting us together at this conference. Being at this conference gave me the mental shift needed to start my own web business in 2016!

With skiing/snowboarding in the morning, and mastermind sessions led by each participants in a relaxed environment at the Ski Chalet in the afternoon, this may be the best format for a business conference.

BSTC was like the hallway track at MicroConf, only better. With a small group, we were able to have a deep conversation about each person’s business. I came away with a specific change to my own business that should result in a lot more revenue this year!

Inspiring people and ridiculous ROI. I expect to be attending for years to come.

If you’re looking for a way to combine skiing and masterminding with great founders Big Snow Tiny Conference is for you.

It’s hard to think of a better way to spend your time, as a software bootstrapper, than to snowboard during the day and spend the afternoons and evenings talking shop with like-minded people. Had a blast at BSTC-W – thanks again to Dave and Rich for organizing!

Business + Skiing = Awesome

  • The Schedule

    Schedule Monday: Arrive, settle in, chat, order a round of pizzas, chat some more and get ready for an amazing few days ahead! Tuesday: Hit the slopes early morning and ride. Lunch at the hill. Maybe a few more runs. Afternoon attendee talks & sessions. Catered dinner at the condo while we have discussions. Wednesday: Another […]

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  • The Format

    We ski during the day, have discussions on the lift and share short talks in the evenings.  Although it’s not strictly required, we encourage every attendee to prepare a short talk (15-20 mins). Nothing fancy. Just share some knowledge with the group. No topic is off limits, but here are some general themes: Design Code […]

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  • The Location

    Big Snow Tiny Conf West will be in beautiful Beaver Creek, Colorado, home of Champagne Powder and world-class slopes at one of the top-rated ski areas in the United States and the world. With 1,832 skiable acres and a 3,340 foot vertical rise, it’s no wonder Beaver Creek is a major skiing mecca in the […]

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